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Come over here and say hello!
Guide on use of this forum
What goes, and what doesn't, may be added to as we progress
News of the day, will remove after 7 days
Social Stuff
Talk slot, it's good to talk
The place for offline chat, anything goes as long as its clean!!
Car Photographs
You have got a nice car, so show it us here...! If you would like your photograph entered into the Monthly Photographic Competition, please put your picture in the relevant section..!
Monthly Car Photo Competition
This is the place for your car photographs that you would entered into the Monthly Competition....
Monthly Random Stuff Photography Competition
This is the place for anything which is not automotive realted which you would like entered into the Monthly Photo Competition....
Post what you want, cross forum stuff etc, no problems
Special requests
Post here if your involved in fund raising, and you want to ask members for help in what your doing
Technical Stuff
Diesel Engined Forum
Got a question about a Diesel engined Mitsubishi 4x4? Ask here...!
Petrol Engined Forum
Got a question about a Petrol engined Mitsubishi 4x4? Ask here...!
Bodywork Forum
Got a question about bodywork on your Mitsubishi 4x4? Ask here...!
Suspension/Brakes Forum
Got a question about the suspension or the brakes on your Mitsubishi 4x4? Ask here...!
Drivetrain Forum
Gearbox and transfer box problems here....
Electrical Forum
Got a problem with the electrical system on your Mitsubishi 4x4? Tell us about it here...!
All other vehicles (in between 4x4)
Post here about your inbetween vehicle.
Have you modified your car in anyway? Show us the results and let us know how and why you did those modifications here...!
That's the way I did it
Tell us how you got around something, what modified tool did you make, what did you use, where did yo get it from etc etc
New 3.2 models
Some techie stuff about the newer models
List of known local breakers
Member To Member
For Sale
Absolutely anything in here, but please, have some respect.
Vehicle, home, what ever you want, apart from divorce.
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